We tell every kid that camp will be the best week of their summer, and at the end of each camp, countless kids tell us that it was! The fun starts before kids even leave the church and doesn’t stop until their heads hit the pillow back at home. Great food, crazy games, swimming, mud, s’mores, hilarious skits, team activities, and more! Kids’ lives are changed at James River Kids Camp!


Trained and committed team leaders are excited to meet your kids and begin helping them build friendships with their team and a friendship with God.

James River Kids Smile


With crazy skits, super fun characters, engaging games and awesome worship, our daily chapel services are designed to help kids experience God’s love in a way they will never forget.

James River Kids Jump in Lake

Team Time

Every day your child will swim, get muddy, and engage in fun team building activities to help them make friends for a life-time.

Girls getting pushed into the lake at camp

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Kids Camp Dates

2nd-3rd Grade Camps
- June 5-7
- June 8-10

4th-5th Grade Camps
- May 31-June 3
- June 12-15

3rd-5th Grade Camp
- June 19-22

What is the 3rd-5th grade camp?

We are excited to offer a camp for kids in 3rd-5th grade! This camp will be an identical experience to the current 4th-5th grade camps and will help us host the ever growing number of kids at camp and will provide an opportunity for camp-crazy 3rd graders to extend the fun for one more day! *Please note- 3rd grade spaces are limited.*

How many kids and leaders are on a team?

Kids are placed on teams of approximately 10-12 kids. Each team has 2 or 3 trained and caring leaders.

How are leaders selected?

Every camp leader is a volunteer who has completed a comprehensive process that includes:

• Completed and approved volunteer application

• Criminal background check

• Mandatory Kids Camp orientation

What’s the food like?

A professional and caring food team prepares three delicious meals and two additional snacks every day. Kids absolutely love this camp food!

Tell me about this MUD.

We love getting muddy and have a whole day devoted to mud games! As much as we love the mud, we want every single child to LOVE camp and will never force a kid to get fully muddy.

Will there be swimming?

We have a beautiful lake and a pool with tons of fun water activities! Every child takes a swimming test on the first day of camp, and we identify any kids that need to have a life jacket in the pool. All kids wear life jackets in the lake. We have staff and a life guard posted at all swimming activities.

When/where do I drop off and pick up my child?

Check-in for all camps will be at the South Campus James River Youth building at 8:00am on the first day of each camp.

Campers will return at 4:00pm to the South Campus James River Youth building on the last day of each camp.


Printable forms available below. A complete registration includes the Registration Form and the Health History Form.

Registration Form
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Camp Information Packet

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Camp registration & volunteer registration for 2017 James River Kids Camps is now closed.

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