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Top of the Line Equipment

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Dynamic Fitness Classes

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Certified Instructors

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Fitness Classes Offered


As seen on TV, Zumba founders, Beto Perez, has developed a group exercise program that incorporates a fusion of Latin and international music that creates a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness system. The routines feature cardio interval training that combines fast and slow rhythms helping to create a leaner and more sculpted body.


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art form which combines fight, dance rhythm and movement. It is a dialog between players - a conversation through movement which can take on many shades of meaning.
**Fee Based Class
$25 per month for children under 12
$35 per month for ages 12 and over


A high-intensity group fitness/boot camp style program combining cardio and plyometric drills, full body resistance strength training, dumbbells, exercise bands and body bars in a challenging non-stop workout designed to improve your over-all fitness level, increase metabolism, body composition, and exercise technique.

Interval Toning

Burn calories and enhance your body composition in this extreme 45 minute workout where you perform challenging exercises that include resistance and cardio circuit combinations utilizing treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes and running.

Low Impact Fitness

This multi-component exercise program that focuses on increasing flexibility, strength, and muscle endurance. This is an ideal class for those just starting their exercises routine, recovering from illness or injury and older adults.

High Intensity Interval Fusion

A 30 minute non-stop, intense and effective exercise program that is interval based and hits every muscle group as you zip through stations of different fitness equipment from jump ropes, kettle bells, battling ropes, slide boards, BOSU balls, medicine balls, body weight and more. Each workout is designed to enhance your strength and endurance, along with improve balance, agility and coordination.

High Intensity Training - HIT

HIT is a one on one strength training class that uses short, intense workout sessions lasting 20 minutes or less. Its training method uses the application of complete muscle failure over one all-out set of an exercise. The many benefits of this program include muscle strength and bone density, increased metabolism, improved body composition, increased cardio endurance, increased flexibility and reduced workout time.
** Fee Based Class
$125 (16 sessions)
attend once or twice a week

Body Flow

Using a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses to Christian music, the class focuses on enhancing flexibility and developing core strength.

Self Defense Plus

A self-defense class geared for both males and females with a heavy emphasis on how to handle street fight and attack situations. You will be taught how to create a safe distance, how to decrease dangerous distances, and will learn defensive and offensive tactics.
**Fee Based Class
$10 per class

Affordable Membership Rates

The River Fitness Center is a full-service fitness center providing a positive, family-oriented environment that is safe, clean, and comfortable at affordable membership rates.