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How Will You Spend Your Thanksgiving?

On the fourth Thursday in November, each year, Americans gather for a day enthralled with family, food, the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and last but certainly not least—Football! The last two items on the list may be a bit different from the original 1621 harvest meal; however, the reason for gathering remains the same: to give thanks.

How Healthy Is Your Heart?

The word “heart” is found between 500-800+ times in the Bible, which points to the fact that a healthy spiritual heart is a really big deal. Just as our physical heart can diagnose our physical condition, our spiritual heart is a diagnosis of our spiritual health. So how healthy is your heart? Read what the Bible says about guarding your heart and learn 5 practical ways you can cultivate a healthy spiritual heart.

A Hand Up Out Of Poverty

Programs are useful, but what most people need is someone to come alongside them and help them to see life from a different perspective. In her book, A Framework for Understanding Poverty, Dr. Ruby Payne argues that one of the main things people in poverty, particularly generational poverty, need is relationship with someone who is not in their economic class. Without those relationships, it is challenging for people to change because poverty is as much a mindset as it is an economic problem.

Seeing God Through Your Pain and Suffering

Every individual God used mightily throughout Scripture went through seasons of hardship. Moses had to flee his family who wanted to kill him, Elijah had people seeking his death, Queen Esther risked her life in order to save the Jewish people, Jesus’ disciples were all martyred for their commitment to Christ and our Savior was beaten and crucified for us. Yet Scripture repeatedly speaks to how our suffering never concludes without God’s power working through it supernaturally.

7 Promises for Battling Unbelief

Unbelief cannot go unchecked; it must be battled. Unbelief causes us to limit God’s goodness, power, love, and grace. It keeps us from fully trusting God and therefore steals the joy we have in serving Him. Just like any other sin, we cannot sit idly by as unbelief takes root in our hearts. We must fight against it! The question is, “how do we do that?” In Matthew 6, Jesus gives us seven specific promises to equip us for this fight.

The Power of Praise

Praising God is not always the first thing that comes to mind when we experience challenges and difficult times. How we respond when we face trials, however, can change the outcome of our situation dramatically. Read how Paul and Silas responded to their imprisonment in Acts 16 and learn how God moves in powerful ways in response to our praise!

The Dangers of Pride

Pride takes root in all of us in different ways. For some, it’s overconfidence in talents or abilities, for others self-supremacy over peers, or the need to always be right. Regardless of its form, pride is a deadly sin that can easily go undetected in our lives. A simple pat on our back or a “good job” can slowly evolve into so much more. Pride is an elusive enemy. It will always remain no matter how hard we try to kill it. That makes it incredibly important to be putting up our defense constantly.

Can We Choose Our Attitude?

When we encounter issues, we can choose to concentrate on the problem and try to solve it on our own, or we can decide to focus on Christ, give our Him problems and ask Him to show us a solution. When we do this, the key is to get our focus off our problem and on to God. Solutions come when our focus is totally on God; anxiety comes when our focus is half on God and half on our problems.

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