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Trust the Process

There are times when God puts things in our hearts (dreams, aspirations, goals) and He gives them to us right away. There are other times (this seems to be the majority) when God puts things in our hearts and then makes us wait. Often, we can wonder what God is doing. We can begin to ask, “Did I really hear from God?” Or perhaps the biggest question, “God, what is taking you so long?” I have found that during that time of waiting, God is preparing us for the promise. During our waiting, He is teaching us things. He is growing our character, our faith, and our ability to do what we feel called to do. God is taking us through a process. The question is, “Will you trust the process?”

Does God Want Me to Be Happy?

Have you ever thought to yourself, I wish I loved life as much as that person? Why is it that some people can smile at the future even when it seems uncertain? What causes someone to see purpose in the mundane tasks of life? What enables a person to laugh even though they might be walking through a challenging season? Most people, if they were honest, would say that one of their greatest desire is to have joy. But, unfortunately, many people find this goal much more difficult to achieve than they imagined. Read this blog to find out how you can have joy.

One thing that can change your life!

Our words have an enormous effect on the world around us. In the same way, it only takes a spark to set a forest on fire, a careless or wrongly placed word can burn down a relationship. Our speech can turn unity into chaos, or bring pain where there should be protection. However, an encouraging word aptly placed can change someone’s entire day. You can enhance your marriage, bring success to your work, help your children, and enrich your friendships by simply letting the words of our mouths be life-giving. The decision is yours, choose your words carefully…

How to Set Yourself Up For Success in the New Year

Perspective is the way in which you view life. Perspective is the lens that colors everything you look at. As you look at this year, what perspective do you have? Is it one of hope and anticipation? I hope so! It is God’s desire to show you his goodness and to reveal himself to you. But in order for that to happen, you have to have the right perspective.

7 Simple New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are an important first step to creating real, lasting change. Although resolutions do not create the change, they do allow us to have a goal. When we combine that goal with action and persistence, our lives can be transformed. Unfortunately, of the over 133 million Americans who will make New Year’s resolutions in 2018, less than 10% will keep them. Noticing the existence of this trend, we’ve created a list of some actionable steps and resources that you can use throughout the year to achieve your goals.

How Will You Spend Your Thanksgiving?

On the fourth Thursday in November, each year, Americans gather for a day enthralled with family, food, the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and last but certainly not least—Football! The last two items on the list may be a bit different from the original 1621 harvest meal; however, the reason for gathering remains the same: to give thanks.

How Healthy Is Your Heart?

The word “heart” is found between 500-800+ times in the Bible, which points to the fact that a healthy spiritual heart is a really big deal. Just as our physical heart can diagnose our physical condition, our spiritual heart is a diagnosis of our spiritual health. So how healthy is your heart? Read what the Bible says about guarding your heart and learn 5 practical ways you can cultivate a healthy spiritual heart.

A Hand Up Out Of Poverty

Programs are useful, but what most people need is someone to come alongside them and help them to see life from a different perspective. In her book, A Framework for Understanding Poverty, Dr. Ruby Payne argues that one of the main things people in poverty, particularly generational poverty, need is relationship with someone who is not in their economic class. Without those relationships, it is challenging for people to change because poverty is as much a mindset as it is an economic problem.

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