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What Should Be Your Prayer For 2017?

We often worry about our prayer life becoming stagnant. We don’t want to get stuck in a spiritual rut, so we shoot for newness or freshness in our prayers, and that’s a good thing. However, better than trying something new is intentionality in your prayer life. An intentional prayer life can do more than anything else to bring freshness in your walk and relationship with God.

Planted in the House

Similar to a tree needing fertile soil to survive and grow, it is essential that as believers we are planted in a place that will feed and nurture our soul. The reality is that we are only as strong as where we are planted. The Word of God is our source of strength as a believer. It is our spiritual food that strengthens us as we hear and feed on it. Most trees loose their leaves in winter. Bitter cold weather is not conducive to growth. However, that is not how it is for those who are planted in God’s house…

Chasing the Right Things in 2017

Spiritual growth doesn’t happen by accident. It has to be pursued. At times this means we must flee from some things to pursue the best things. Pursuing the best things helps us to grow in righteousness, faithfulness, love, and peace. When we chase after the right things, our lives change. We see growth as employees, as a friend, as a spouse, and as a parent. If we are going to pursue the right things in 2017, if we’re going to see God’s power in our lives in a the way He wants to move, we must commit to a deeper relationship with Him above all other activities.

What Bible Plan Should You Choose For 2017?

With 2017 approaching rapidly, statistics say that about half of American’s will make a New Year’s resolution. If you have decided you want to read your Bible more this year, and I hope that you have, then it’s best to start with a plan. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of Bible reading plans for you to choose from.

The Story Behind: “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”

One of the things that makes Christmas such a memorable time of year is the music. The same songs, year after year, get stuck in our heads and we can often recite the words without even thinking about it. Recently, I attended an incredible performance by the Springfield Symphony Orchestra which was a dedicated to the music of Christmas. As the program came to a close, the Conductor asked the audience to join the musicians and sing a few lines of some of the most well-known Christmas carols, including several verses of “Hark! The Herald Angel Sing!” Many of the carols we sing have a rich theological tradition, and “Hark! The Herald Angel Sing!” is no exception.

Why I Love When Christmas Falls on a Sunday

When Christmas falls on a Sunday, and the doors of the church open, it’s one more reminder to a watching world that it’s all about Jesus. During Christmas time, people’s interest is piqued in all things Christmas, including the true reason for the season. With all the talk of joy, faith, goodwill, and peace, there may not be a better time to invite someone who has yet to experience life transformation power of the Gospel message.

The Story Behind Thanksgiving

On the fourth Thursday in November, each year, Americans gather for a day enthralled with family, food, the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and last but certainly not least—Football! The last two items on the list may be a bit different from the original 1621 harvest meal; however, the reason for gathering remains the same: to give thanks.

Does Your Schedule Keep You From Opportunity?

According to one survey, almost four in five motorists admits to driving over the speed limit regularly. In fact, if you are between the ages of 18-39, you are over 70% more likely to speed. Another study shows that speeding doesn’t save much time. For instance, if you’re traveling a distance of 15 miles and drive 10 miles over the speed limit, you might arrive only 3-4 minutes faster based on traffic signals. With these numbers, a speeding ticket isn’t’ worth the time saved! Why do we feel the need for speed, and can rushing from one thing to the next result in missing opportunities?

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