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Learn how to overcome pride in your life by seeing pride through a Gospel perspective.

Overcoming Pride

Adam and Eve’s pride was the first of the human race, but certainly not the last. Pride is a battle that we must learn to actively overcome, but the Gospel tells us that we cannot do it on our own. Read about how viewing pride from a Gospel perspective can change our lives and learn four key ways we can overcome our pride.

Doubt your Doubts

Faith is holding fast to the promises of God, despite what your mind is telling you, despite what your fear is telling you, or the reality of your situation. Our faith is proven by our actions, not our emotions. To win the battle against doubt, we must allow our actions and our words to be governed by our faith. Doubt may enter your mind, but do not let it enter your heart.

The One Thing That Can Ruin Your Life, And How You Can Stop It From Happening

If you’re a believer in Jesus Christ, Scripture calls you to wage war against sin. The goal is not perfection but direction which means our aim is to be more and more like Christ. And if we are going to break the power of sin in our lives, we must be aware of the strategies the enemy uses to blind us from our sin so that we are ultimately defeated by it.

How to Become a Stronger Man

Our culture has a decidedly dim view of masculinity. Husbands and fathers have become the punching bags of popular culture, portrayed as inattentive, clueless, shallow and weak, or society glorifies a brand of manhood that is devoid of honor in which macho playboys are elevated as the gold standard of maleness. The bottom line is that we live in a world in desperate need for men to act like men, but what does it look like to truly embrace this identity?

Who are you becoming?

At the end of your life, will you be the person you were meant to be? The answer: it depends. It can be easy to look at the future with rose-colored glasses. However, these things do not just happen. There are decisions that undergird their success. You are constantly changing, but how you change, and the person you are becoming is a choice; either for good or for bad.

How to Find Meaning and Satisfaction in Your Work

Work has a tremendous impact on us internally. And that’s true whether you are unemployed or currently finding great satisfaction in your work. Every person has an innate desire to find meaning in their work. In fact, a Harvard Business Review surveyed 12,000 employees from a broad range of companies finding that 50% lack a level of meaning and significance at work. Moreover, the single highest impact on people sticking with organizations came down to employees finding meaning and satisfaction in their work. Those who find meaning in their work report 1.7 times higher job satisfaction and are 1.4 times more engaged in their work. Those statistics necessitate the question of how we discover and experience satisfaction and meaning in our work. What does the Bible tell us about work and how can we find real meaning through activities that will consume much of our adult life?

Are you in control of your life?

A new study suggest that self-control stems from the part of your brain that controls empathy and selflessness. Empathy depends on your ability to overcome your perspective, appreciate someone else’s, and step into their shoes. Self-control is essentially the same skill, except that those other shoes belong to your future self—a removed and hypothetical entity who might as well be a different person. So think of self-control as a kind of temporal selflessness. It’s Present You taking a hit to help out Future You.

What Should Be Your Prayer For 2017?

We often worry about our prayer life becoming stagnant. We don’t want to get stuck in a spiritual rut, so we shoot for newness or freshness in our prayers, and that’s a good thing. However, better than trying something new is intentionality in your prayer life. An intentional prayer life can do more than anything else to bring freshness in your walk and relationship with God.

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