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How to Find Meaning and Satisfaction in Your Work

Work has a tremendous impact on us internally. And that’s true whether you are unemployed or currently finding great satisfaction in your work. Every person has an innate desire to find meaning in their work. In fact, a Harvard Business Review surveyed 12,000 employees from a broad range of companies finding that 50% lack a level of meaning and significance at work. Moreover, the single highest impact on people sticking with organizations came down to employees finding meaning and satisfaction in their work. Those who find meaning in their work report 1.7 times higher job satisfaction and are 1.4 times more engaged in their work. Those statistics necessitate the question of how we discover and experience satisfaction and meaning in our work. What does the Bible tell us about work and how can we find real meaning through activities that will consume much of our adult life?

Where is God When You are Suffering?

As we go through life, we will experience suffering. At times, suffering is physical pain caused by an injury or disability, other times its emotional or mental anguish. Suffering could be the result of the loss of a relationship, or an uncontrollable economic hardship which has brought us to our knees. It could be abuse, or death of a close friend, or a host of other issues. The point is that we will all suffer to some extent, but the question often boils down to, why? And is there any meaning is suffering? Well, the answer to that questions comes down to who you ask.

Are you in control of your life?

A new study suggest that self-control stems from the part of your brain that controls empathy and selflessness. Empathy depends on your ability to overcome your perspective, appreciate someone else’s, and step into their shoes. Self-control is essentially the same skill, except that those other shoes belong to your future self—a removed and hypothetical entity who might as well be a different person. So think of self-control as a kind of temporal selflessness. It’s Present You taking a hit to help out Future You.

Planted in the House

Similar to a tree needing fertile soil to survive and grow, it is essential that as believers we are planted in a place that will feed and nurture our soul. The reality is that we are only as strong as where we are planted. The Word of God is our source of strength as a believer. It is our spiritual food that strengthens us as we hear and feed on it. Most trees loose their leaves in winter. Bitter cold weather is not conducive to growth. However, that is not how it is for those who are planted in God’s house…

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