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Planted in the House

Similar to a tree needing fertile soil to survive and grow, it is essential that as believers we are planted in a place that will feed and nurture our soul. The reality is that we are only as strong as where we are planted. The Word of God is our source of strength as a believer. It is our spiritual food that strengthens us as we hear and feed on it. Most trees loose their leaves in winter. Bitter cold weather is not conducive to growth. However, that is not how it is for those who are planted in God’s house…

Chasing the Right Things in 2017

Spiritual growth doesn’t happen by accident. It has to be pursued. At times this means we must flee from some things to pursue the best things. Pursuing the best things helps us to grow in righteousness, faithfulness, love, and peace. When we chase after the right things, our lives change. We see growth as employees, as a friend, as a spouse, and as a parent. If we are going to pursue the right things in 2017, if we’re going to see God’s power in our lives in a the way He wants to move, we must commit to a deeper relationship with Him above all other activities.

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Half of Americans will make a New Year’s resolution this year, but only about 8% will keep them. Not only will the majority of resolutions fall by the wayside, but nearly half of the resolutions made will be dumped before February 1. So, it’s very understandable for someone to wonder if making resolutions is even worth it. What’s the point in having a New Year’s resolution if it is going to fail? Perhaps the better question is, how we do make our resolutions stick?


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