Micah Cartee

Micah Cartee is the Associate Pastor at James River Church. He is committed to strengthening the church through his gift of writing by communicating the heart of the church through the James River Blog, social media, and other online content. Micah is making a lasting impact for the Gospel all around the world.

Learn how to overcome pride in your life by seeing pride through a Gospel perspective.

Overcoming Pride

Adam and Eve’s pride was the first of the human race, but certainly not the last. Pride is a battle that we must learn to actively overcome, but the Gospel tells us that we cannot do it on our own. Read about how viewing pride from a Gospel perspective can change our lives and learn four key ways we can overcome our pride.

Who are you becoming?

At the end of your life, will you be the person you were meant to be? The answer: it depends. It can be easy to look at the future with rose-colored glasses. However, these things do not just happen. There are decisions that undergird their success. You are constantly changing, but how you change, and the person you are becoming is a choice; either for good or for bad.

Are you in control of your life?

A new study suggest that self-control stems from the part of your brain that controls empathy and selflessness. Empathy depends on your ability to overcome your perspective, appreciate someone else’s, and step into their shoes. Self-control is essentially the same skill, except that those other shoes belong to your future self—a removed and hypothetical entity who might as well be a different person. So think of self-control as a kind of temporal selflessness. It’s Present You taking a hit to help out Future You.

How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Experts call fear an “illusion that’s neither tangible nor visible.” We often don’t even realize why we are fearful. Fear is an autonomic response, meaning we don’t choose to trigger fear or even know it’s happening until we are consumed by it. Once it has started, we try to rationalize our anxiety, replaying what happened that day, week, or month… Rationally the event that triggered the anxiety seems small in comparison to how we are feeling, but our emotions are often not rational. However, our lack of choice when it comes to being fearful doesn’t mean that we can’t choose to move through it. There is a decision that has to be made: will I trust God, or will I allow my fear to control me?

The Story Behind Thanksgiving

On the fourth Thursday in November, each year, Americans gather for a day enthralled with family, food, the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and last but certainly not least—Football! The last two items on the list may be a bit different from the original 1621 harvest meal; however, the reason for gathering remains the same: to give thanks.

Speak Faith

The ground shook under the force. Hundreds of thousands were marching towards the sea. The shouts of celebration could be heard from miles away. The red sea was coming into view. Only a night’s camp and they would be on their way towards the land that God had promised. All the years of slavery had come to an end. God had delivered them! The Israelites tucked their children into bed, and for once in their lives, allowed themselves to do more than dream of a brighter future; they planned it.

She Believes – An Interview with Debbie Lindell

This past week I had the opportunity to sit down with Pastor Debbie Lindell and talk with her about her new book She Believes. Her new book helps you to understand how living a faith-filled life will change you, your circumstances, and your relationships, and will make a difference in how you respond to everything that happens around you. She Believes released October 4, 2016, and is available to order now!

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