David Lindell - James River Church West Campus Pastor

David Lindell

Pastor David Lindell, the son of Pastors John and Debbie Lindell, is passionate about building the local church through his pastoral leadership and servanthood. Pastor David serves as the West Campus Pastor at James River Church in the Springfield, Missouri area.


Why I Love When Christmas Falls on a Sunday

When Christmas falls on a Sunday, and the doors of the church open, it’s one more reminder to a watching world that it’s all about Jesus. During Christmas time, people’s interest is piqued in all things Christmas, including the true reason for the season. With all the talk of joy, faith, goodwill, and peace, there may not be a better time to invite someone who has yet to experience life transformation power of the Gospel message.

Santa Claus: Defender of the Faith?

Santa is nearly inescapable this time of year. He’s in the mall. He’s giving away Coca-Cola and selling cars on TV. And he is even on street corners collecting money for the Salvation Army. Santa is really busy! Santa also seems to find himself in the midst of cultural collision as secularists seeks to parcel out how Christmas can be celebrated without the “Christ” part in the mix, and for many, Santa Clause is a figure who has come to be considered safely secular. But is Santa safe for secularists? Did someone come up with the story of Santa just distract people from the true reason for the season? And what should parents say about Santa?

James River Church - Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting

We Aim To Please

In this message, Pastor David Lindell shares an encouraging sermon titled, “We Aim To Please.” Join us as we study 2 Corinthians 5:9 and focus our attention on what it means to please the Lord. Our prayer is that this message inspires you to live a life that is fully devoted to pleasing and serving God.

James River Church - The Gospel of Mark: Servant King

An Autopsy of Lifeless Religion

In this message, Pastor David Lindell shares an impactful sermon titled, “An Autopsy of Lifeless Religion.” Join us as we dive into Mark 11:12-19 and learn about key forces that drive lifeless religion. Our prayer is that this message challenges you to examine your relationship with God and openly pursue a deeper relationship with Him.

Victory Over Your Past

Most people have memories that they would rather not have. Things have happened to us, or that have been perpetrated by us that we wish we could erase. We all know people who, because of things they did in the past, live with deep regret, guilt, and shame. No matter how much they work to distance themselves from what happened, those memories seem to resurrect. When your past is allowed to dominate your present, it stifles your ability to pursue God’s plan for your future. How does the past dominate people? The past can become one big accusation, constantly reminding us of our failures. Paul addresses this accusation by asking a question of his own. He asks, “Who shall bring any charge against God’s elect?”

Kill or be Killed

One of the most beautiful truths of the Christian life is the reality that in Christ we have been brought into the family of God. Sin had separated us, but God, through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection has brought us near. God deeply, personally cares about you as His child. Sin diminishes our grasp and awe of this reality. Sin is not passive. It’s ready to strike. It lays in hiding. It desires to rule your life. This is the sinister nature of sin, and if it is not met with violence, it will always bring destruction.

Created To Go

As Christians, making disciples is something we want to do but too often don’t. Consequently, we can find ourselves carrying this nagging sense of failure over our lack of disciple making, but this is not where we were meant to live. Jesus is calling us to reshape our prayers in a way that focuses less on God to bring people to us, and more on God sending us to them. Jesus is on mission, and it’s impossible to continually experience Jesus’ nearness without embracing His mission.

Staying in tune with God - how to keep your heart sensitive to God's leading

Staying in Tune with God

The foundation of every move we make is ultimately dictated by what we love. The course of our lives is not so much charted by what we do, but by what we desire. Loves are cultivated. They’re not simply something you fall into or out of, they have to be nurtured. Your affections must be stirred toward the things you want your heart to embrace.

Can we earn God's favor? The story of Jephthah

Bargaining with God: The Story of Jephthah

When we make God’s favor about what we can do for Him rather than what He has done for us, we put a price tag on His grace, which in the end, only cheapens it. God’s favor is not based on what we can offer Him, but His full and free offering of Himself to us. Whenever God’s saving power is at work in our lives, it’s never because we made a deal God couldn’t refuse.

James River Church - Sermon on Mark - Gospel of Mark - Pastor David Lindell

What Leavens Your Life

In this message, Pastor David Lindell continues in our series on the Gospel of Mark: Servant King. Check out his message, “What Leavens Your Life”, as we study Mark 8:1-21. Let this message encourage and strengthen you in your walk with the Lord!

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